About Us

Yung Nien Fa Machine Industry Co., Ltd.
Is a professional finger joint machine manufacturer, with more than 30 years of manufacturing experiences , and has sold to more than 50 countries. Our products include manual finger joint line to high-speed fully 
automatic finger joint line. In terms of quality and service, YNF has always been a trustworthy brand, and it is also the only professional manufacturer of finger joint machines supported by users.

In recent years, due to high cost of labor and lack of labor, fully automatic finger joint machines have become the only option for users to solve this problem. We have economical fully automatic finger joint machines and high-speed fully automatic finger joint machines to cater 
for different users.

FJF-20AH-S is a fully automatic servo finger-joint line, which is driven by servo motor with high efficiency and precisely control the speed and displacement. The high-speed automatic flipping station also can reduce the demand for manpower greatly solves the problems of users

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